Elah and his men ambush Queen Sasha. They throw her into the dungeons and gain control of the kingdom. Elah demands to know where the dagger is and promises to release her if she gives him the dagger. Sasha refuses. [[Life in the Dungeon|Life]]. King Aziriah passes the Agria Dagger to his youngest daughter, Sasha on his death bed, but she is too distraught over her father's death to understand the magnitude of what she's receiving. Aziriah's dying words to Sasha are, "trust your instincts, my daughter. Ruling a kingdom is more than politics and logic, it's guiding the people with love and fairness." With his last breath, he places the dagger in her hands. [[The World at her Feet|Sobs]]. Mordecai urges Sasha to take her rightful place on the throne, and hands her the dagger that she received on her father's deathbed. Mordecai warns Sasaha to guard the dagger and that there's a plot to get rid of her and steal the dagger. Sasha reluctantly accepts her call and relays her intentions to Rizpah. Rizpah graciously steps down and helps to plan the crowning ceremony.[[Overthrowing the Queen|Overthrown]].With Henna's help Sasha escapes her cell. Using the training that Sasha has been taught over the years, she over powers the guards and fights her way out using hand to hand combat and stolen weapons. They escape to the N'La forest[[N'La Forest|Forest]]. Or Sasha and Henna can escape to the Grinal Wastelands. [[Wandering Wastelands|Grinal]].At this point, Sasha still doesn't believe that she is the right woman for the task and uses the excuse of grieving the loss of her father to deny her rightful place on the throne. Sasha allows her older sister, Rizpah to rule the kindgom. [[Visit from Mordecai|Mordecai]]. A slave girl, Henna, knows who Sasha is and smuggles food and messages. Most important she tells Sasha that the kingdom is on the brink of war. Sasha plots her escape. [[Escaping the Dungeon|Escape]]This is Sasha's first real test. She needs to make it through the forest. She meets a band of bandits. She needs to defeat them in order to gain passage through the forest and make her way to Wicked Mountains to see Mordecai. [[Friends of the Forest|Friends]] Or They can choose the Grinal Wastelands. [[Wandering Wastelands|Grinal]].Fairies and pixies populate the woods. Sasha befriends them when she rescues a couple of them from the bandits she just defeated. They reward her with an invisibilty cloak and some protection spells. [[Enemies in the Woods|Enemies]].Sasha and Henna anger an Ogrell. This is a really bad thing. Ogrells are mean and nasty on general principle, but when a prize is taken from them, they're really aggravated. In this case, Sasha and Henna rescue Ishmael. Unbeknownst to Sasha, Ishmael is the Captain of the Royal Army. He was also ambushed by Elah's army and left stranded in Forest. He managed to escape, but was then trapped by the Ogrells. Ishmael promises to help Sasha regain her throne, but Sasha doesn't trust him, even though her instincts tell her she should. [[Off to see the Wizard|Mountains]].The Wastelands are a treacherous expanse of sand with many dangers. Sasha rescues a lost child, cares for him, then returns him to his very grateful parents. They reward her with safe passage through the wastelands. However, Sasha will have to fight a few monsters before she's out of the wasteland. Two sandmonsters and a Ogrell. [[Off to See the Wizard|Mountains]].This ia also perilous passage. Sasha, Henna, and Ishmael, with the trinkets they've received will use them on this journey. The invisibilty cloak can be used to bypass the Ogrells. In the middle of the night they are attacked by a group of bandits. Henna dies. They continue on to Mordecai. [[Meeting the Wizard|Wizard]]Mordecai praises Sasha for having the courage to escape the dungeon, but tells her more will be expected of her. When the time comes she will have to choose between her need for revenge or protect someone she loves. Mordecai then returns the dagger to her. He also gives her a protection stone. [[Sibling Rivalr|Betrayal]]As Sasha and Ismael make their way to down the mountain, they find two of Sasha's sisters, Sarai and Jezebel. She's esctatic to see them and immediately asks what happened to Rizpah. They inform her that Rizpah has been locked in the dungeon. Sasha tells them she will help rescue Rizpah. When Sasha also tells them she has the dagger and with Ishmael's help she will reclaim the throne. They make camp for the night and Sarai looks through Sasha's things for the dagger. Ishmael catches her and expresses his concerns to Sasha. They argue and Sasha tells him to leave. She no longer needs his help. [[Rescuing Rizpah|Damsel]] or Sasha believes what Ishmael says and keeps a watchful eye on her sister. [[Blood is Thicker|Sisters]]Sasha asks her sisters to recount what happened in the castle. When their stories don't match, her suspicions increase. She fakes an argument with Ishmeal, sending him ahead to scout the area. Once Sasha and her sisters make it into the dungeon, they are ambushed and thrown in a cell with Rizpah. Sarai takes the dagger and gives it to Elah. [[All Seems Lost|Escape2]]Sasha and her sisters travel back to the dungeon. Once in the dungeon, Sasha and Jezebel are ambushed and thrown in a cell with Rizpah. Sarai takes the dagger and hands it to Elah. [[All Seems Lost|Escape2]]Ishmeal has rallied the men he knows are loyal to the royal family. With their help they go to the dungeon, only to find that Sasha is in the process of breaking out. [[Overthowing Elah|De-Throned]]Sasha requests that her sisters be taken somewhere safe. She then explains that she needs to get the dagger from her sister. She fights her to the throne room. She manages to get the dagger from Elah, but Sarai jumps her. Sasha gets away from Sarai, but Elah takes a moment to grab the dagger. Elah gives her a choice. Save Sarai or get the dagger to rule the kingdom. Elah throws a throwing knife at Sarai. Sasha jumps in front of her sister. [[True Love Conquers|Suffers]] of Sasha goes for the dagger. [[Revenge is Mine|Revenge]]Sasha is wounded and Sarai knocked unconscious. Sasha, with the help of the protection stone grabs the dagger. Elah continues to fight until Sasha is forced to kill him. [[Long Live the Queen|Queen1]]Sasha goes for the dagger, while her sister is hit with the throwing knife. She defeats Elah in a battle, but he escapes. Sasha knows she made the wrong decision, she should've chosen to save her sister. [[Long Live the Queen|Queen]]Sasha banishes her sister to the dungeons and starts a search for Elah. The kingdom is plunged into war. The ghost of her father comes to her in a dream, and Sasha realizes she has to fix her mistake before it's too late. She releases her sister from the dungeons and asks for her forgiveness. sarai gives it. Sasha has her moved from the dungeons. Elah is captured, but when he escapes, he's killed. [[United Again|Kingdom]].Sasha banishes her sister to a life outside of the castle. [[United Again|Kingdom]].Sasha manages to stop the impending war that was brewing when Elah was on the throne. She marries Ishmael. Captain of the Guard, and they live happily ever after.